The Happiness Explorers

We are Anni and Matti, a Finnish couple exploring happiness and life below the surface in different corners of the world. By following our blog, you will explore incredible destinations and cultures from a new perspective. You will travel through sporty adventures, healthy traditions and local kitchens with us. You will learn from humanity, hope and happiness.Welcome to explore the world with us.

Humanity, Hope and Happiness. Adventures, Health and Local Kitchen.

In this blog we share our travel stories mostly from our travels of the upcoming round the world trip, but also stories from other trips. On 30th of December 2016, we are heading for a round the world trip for 6,5 months. Our first destinations will be India and Nepal, where we are planning to explore at least Ashrams, yoga and Ayurveda. We will do some spectacular hikes and finally we will be volunteering in an Indian school. From India we will most probably head to South East Asia, New Zealand and South America, but the plan is still open. See our route plan.

In this blog we share our travel stories mostly from our travels of the upcoming round the world trip, but also stories from other trips.

When not traveling, we live in Helsinki, Finland and are both working in health service business. Anni works as a Sales Director in Occupational Health Care company Heltti and Matti as a Personal Trainer Coordinator in Sports Center Forever. In our free time we love sports, learning new things, seeing our friends and most of all – traveling. After the RTW we are still planning on continuing writing this blog on our travels and stories.

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