Around the World Route

Our travel route

This is our travel plan for the next 7 months. We will be backpacking and exploring the local life and happiness as well as fascinating destinations from a human perspective. We have only got a one-way ticket to India in our pockets, so our plan is not at all fixed. We will update the map on the road.

Our journey begins at the 30th of December 2016 and we will take an easy start by celebrating new year in Goa, India. In India we are planning to explore at least Ashrams, yoga and Ayurveda. In Nepal we will do some spectacular hikes and finally we will be volunteering in an Indian school. We also try to arrange a visit to Bhutan. We will spend six weeks all together in India and Nepal and fly to Bangkok, Thailand on 16th of February.

We will do some spectacular hikes and finally we will be volunteering in an Indian school.

In South East Asia our plan is to visit Angkor Wat temples and spend a month in Indonesia surfing and visiting the furthest corners of Sulawesi. We will probably head to Australia at the end of March.

Australia and New Zealand are going to blow a hole in our budget, so we are probably going to keep the visit short. Diving and exploring the wonders of the nature are our goals. Tonga or other Pacific country is one of our our dream destinations, but we will plan the visit later on depending on the weather conditions (as it’s hurricane season there at April). We will probably fly directly to Argentina from New Zealand at the beginning of May.

South America is where we will probably spend most of our time at. We will be practicing some Español and exploring happiness at least in BoliviaPeru, Ecuador and Colombia.

We will head back home to Finland in July 2017.


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