Natural Health From Indian Villages

Kamaraj, Doctor of Yoga Naturopathy, was born in an Indian village, where healthy way of living with regular oil paths, fasting and yoga has always been a part of life. Today he combines his natural health knowledge with yoga and various healing and massaging methods to help people all around the world to find healthy lifestyle. In his yoga school Yog Mandala and ayurvedic clinic Namasthe Auyrvedic Mission in Varkala, Kerala in south west India, Dr. Kamaraj offers various auyrvedic treatments, healing therapies, yoga teacher training and yoga lessons.

Watch the video to find out about traditional healthy lifestyle of Indian villages, what is Yoga Naturopathy and what does Dr. Kamaraj think about stress and happiness.

When not teaching yoga or doing treatments Dr. Kamaraj does voluntary work to help poor Indian villages to find their forgotten natural healthy way of living. Dr. Kamaraj works with a group of doctors to improve villagers’ health and increase knowledge of natural agriculture.

”We support poor people who have no knowledge of yoga and naturopathy, because the modern lifestyle has turned to chemical lifestyle. Even in the villages farmers grow plants with lots of chemicals in the soil.” Dr. Kamaraj explains.

They choose a village with no knowledge of healthy lifestyle and farming methods and do a one week intensive program of yoga, dietary program and organic farming. Dr. Kamaraj has a dream to help every village so the next generation will not have the same problems we have at a growing rate.

”Diseases like diabetes, heart problems and cancer used to be the diseases of rich people, but now the same diseases are suffered by villagers. If the villagers and farmers lose their health, what will happen to the rest of the country?”

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