People of Himalayas

People of Himalayas

World’s most beautiful mountains,
Hidden hot spring fountains.
Hundreds of languages and cultures,
gods, temples and sculptures.

happiness in backpack travel blog
Annapurna Base Camp, over 4000 meters

Farming to make living,
villages live by giving,
Road many days away,
porters and mules find their way.

Happiness in a Backpack travel blog
Porters making their way up to the mountains

People so humble always with a smile,
Ready to fulfill your desire.
Poor and rich at the same time,
we could learn from them for awhile.

Happiness in a Backpack Travel blog
Women of Himalayas making a bamboo mat

In many ways they live in the past,
But in calendar year 2073, a forecast?
Maybe they know what the future brings,
happiness is in the simple things…

Happiness in a backpack travel blog
Children of Himalayas, walking to the school up and down the mountains

One thought on “People of Himalayas

  1. The colorful aesthetic of the people in contrast to the white rugged landscapes of the Himalayas is really something spectacular. Those children look adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

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