When the going gets tough, the tough gets going – Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Our 10 days trek through the jungles and mountains of the Himalayas was incredible. The basecamp of Annapurna, the tenth highest mountain in the world, lies in the height of 4130 meters. We completed our trek with an experienced and awesome guide Santosh in late January, when the temperature was around +10 C degrees in the mountains. We both can say that it was one of the toughest and most rewarding experience of our lives. Check out the video of our trek!

The daily statistics were roughly like this:

Happiness in a backpack travel blog

Happiness in a backpack travel blog

We spent the nights and had our meals in local tea houses and hotels, which were very comfortable. They didn’t have any heating, so after trekking the day with our t-shirts on, we really had to pack up with our clothes in the evening and sleep with warm sleeping bags. For our meals we mostly had dal bhat, a local dish with rice, lentils, curry and pickles that you can fill up as much as you want. So good after the tough day.

Bring with you:

  • Warm clothes for the evenings. We had merino wool layer, fleece and light down jacket & pants, hoodie, scarf and gloves.
  • Gore-tex or other waterproof jacket & pants for the occasional rains.
  • Socks, underwear, swimwear, shirts and trekking pants
  • Basic trekking shoes, the paths are in very good condition
  • A warm sleeping bag, you can also rent one. The hotels have also blankets.
  • Good snacks and a bottle of rum 😉
  • A power bank for you mobile and camera (you usually have to pay for charging)
  • A book and playing cards
  • Money for food and lodging
  • Permits that you need to arrange in advance (a guide can help you with these)
  • A guide will make you to enjoy the most of it
  • Porter, if you are lazy 😉 We carried our own bags.

The 10 day trek costed us around 300 euros per person including everything and it was probably the best investment ever!

Read our poem to the amazing Himalayan people.

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