Why we fell in love with Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia

People keep asking us about our favorite destination on our around the world trip. Of course it is very hard to say, because all the destinations have their own charm, but if we have to choose one, we both go for Indonesia. Instead of choosing the most popular destination Bali, we headed all the way to the east to explore Nusa Tenggara islands for one month They consist the islands east from Bali from Lombok to West Timor. Lombok has already gained some tourism, but Flores is said to be the next big thing and now we understand why.

Flores is said to be the next big thing and now we understand why.

The islands are still less touristic and have insanely beautiful nature including wonderful underwater life, uncrowded surf, beautiful volcanos, rural villages and hidden dream beaches. Luckily in Indonesia you can find cheap domestic flights starting from around 15 euros, and flying in and out from Bali makes it easy to explore other destinations also in shorter trips. Here is our TOP5 for Nusa Tenggara.

1. Gili Islands for an easy start

Three small paradise islands located a few hours boat ride from Bali offer Bali’s atmosphere in miniature. They might be a bit touristic in someone’s opinion, but in comparison they offer good food, beach parties and an easy beach wibe. Also, the beautiful white sand and turquoise crystal clear water are tempting to relax. Choose Gili Taranggan for partying, Gili Air for good food and Gili Meno for extreme chill out.

2. Lombok waves for surfing

Driving around with a scooter for 5 euros a day and exploring beautiful yet not too touristic beaches of southern Lombok, with of without a surfboard. If you want to try out surfing, choose Selong Blanak or inside Gurupuk as your spot and hire a teacher. Good intermediate spots include the crowded inside Gurupuk, more quiet inside Ekas and Areguling on smaller days. Advanced surfers find themselves in Mawi, Mawen, Kuta, outside Gurupuk, outside Ekas and many other spots. If you are not into surfing, just explore the beautiful beaches and find your secret beach.

3. Komodo and Rinca islands for dragons and nature

Seeing a Komodo dragon, the biggest lizards in the world is truly an adventure in itself but the islands also have other things to offer. Just to name a few: beautiful light green hilly islands, pink beaches and beautiful snorkeling and diving. From Labuan Bajo, you can book boat trips to explore these wonderful islands in natural park. You can also do like us and travel here by 4 days 3 nights boat trip from Lombok, but check the conditions and boat company carefully before that, so you don’t end up in a storm like us.

4. Flores for volcanic adventures

Flores has got its name from flowers that it’s under water world has to offer. Good diving and snorkeling can be found in Labuan Bajo and Maumere, but the inlands with volcanic peaks, natural hot springs and traditional villages are worth exploring too. The majority of population are Christian and locals are very welcoming towards tourists. From Bajawa and Ende you can hire a scooter or a car and head for amazing views. Don’t miss the magical Kelimutu’s three volcanic lakes in sunrise. In Flores you can move around by flying, local buses and shared cars.

5. Alor Archipelago for world class diving

Remember your the best diving or snorkeling trip? Now, multiply it by ten, and you get what Alor has to offer. All of the dives that we did were just amazing, so rich and colorful corals and so much sea life the we couldn’t even remember what we saw after dives. The area has only a little tourist infrastructure, but you can find some cosy and ecological bungalows around the area. Prepare for local seafood and super chill out vibe.

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