Highway to Hell – the Death Road in Bolivia

Mountain biking down Yungas Road, the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia was one of the scary highlights of our South American tour. And we made it down alive, unlike the estimated 300 fellow travelers yearly. 😦 Matti, the fastest rider of our group in Barracuda Biking, shoot it all with GoPro. Enjoy the dangerous, but beautiful ride down from the icy mountains to the warm jungle.

Why is it called the most dangerous road in the world?

The steep and curvy road starts near La Paz at 4,650 metres with snow covered mountain tops and ends at 1,200 metres in Coroico’s heat of the jungle. The road is narrow and has cliffs of up to 600 metres. During the rainy season, the visibility is bad and the uncovered road in bad condition. It is said to be build by prisoners, who wanted to revenge their sentences by building very dangerous road.

The road is narrow and has cliffs of up to 600 metres.

We had good mountain bikes, safety gear and our guide gave us very good instructions of the dangers of the road when we had breaks. We had rainy and cold weather for the most of the ride, but luckily it cleared up and warmed as we descended. The ride took all together around 6 hours with many breaks. Few riders of our group had little accidents with bikes, but all survived without any scratch. It surely was an experience of a life time with adrenaline running the whole time. Highly recommended, but be safe! 🙂

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